Pic of the week

Pic of the week

Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible new rank?

Yo guyz and galz if the recruit-o-mania is a success i will create a new rank and new admin type when we get a server : P


   In a few days the flags will be changed and anyone can invite people to the clan! If you send 10 invites to anyone they accept and stick with the clan you will recieve admin when we get a server!

Phishy's out of town.

  Yo dudes and bra's ima out of town for a few more days... Jiffy's in charge on the weekdays and Dr Sweetness is incharge on the weekends. Any roblems that happen will be dealt with in a severe and swift manner. So make sure you listen to them!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Ranks:

CK Ranking system:

Commander: Phishy Gutz, Dr. Sweetness

Seargent: lilkrunkboii, MadMax, Jiffy, T.J

Master Corporal: Joker, Caleb, Dust Man

Corporal: Painkiller, Dragonlord, Oberst, Mr. Glitch

Private: Crazy,Zanta, Porshe, Templar, Taco, JimNnail, OKiller, Gman, Lacker, nurs_89, Maffiozi, Gansta, Dr. Chaos, Colton, Zankkiller, V8splash, and Darkstarr